Ladies... It's time to get in shape!!!

Drop a dress size or two for summer you said, then in time for Xmas… it just never happened. New year’s resolutions didn’t quite work out etc etc… Don’t worry it’s never too late to get started on the new you!
With a fitness programme & support system, designed specifically to get you fit & healthy! You’ll feel more energetic, look alive & radiant, shed those unwanted pounds; fit into the clothes you really want to & in no time at all everyone will see the difference in you!
Personal Training
Whatever your fitness or weight loss goals are, with Personal Training you’ll achieve those goals faster and more effectively than on your own. I will help give you advice, confidence & get you started on the right road to health, fitness & happiness!
Nutrition & Weight Loss
As a Nutrition & Weight Management Advisor, I can help you with a healthy diet plan. Feel the difference almost immediately! You’ll feel more energetic, look more alive, shed those unwanted pounds & look amazing in the clothes you really want to wear!
Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking uses your whole body including upper as well as lower for improved fitness & weight loss, unlike general walking. Great for the heart, lungs, neck, shoulders & back. It’s like taking the cross trainer from the gym outdoors in the fresh air!
Susanne Clarke

Certified Personal Trainer

Power Plate Instructor

Nordic Walking Instructor

Nutrition & Weight Management Consultant

“Getting fit and healthy doesn’t have to be gruelling or time consuming… A crowded, sweaty gym with all the body builders and insanely trim figures can often be very intimidating. When you don’t feel your best and are struggling to lose weight and tone up, that’s the last thing you need!”.

Let me help you reach your goals with One-to-One Personal Training in my Private Studio set in peaceful surroundings in Little Easton, on the edge of Great Dunmow, near the borders of Essex and Hertfordshire, (close to Stansted Airport). Alternatively, I can visit you at home, or your workplace.

Whatever your fitness or weight loss goals are, I know I can help to get you where you want to be. Help with cardio, weight-bearing exercises, toning in the gym, walking / jogging outdoors or nutritional advise & accountability, don’t be afraid to contact me as I am happy to help you.  I will help give you advice, confidence & get you started on the right road to health, fitness & happiness!

Personal Training
I believe fitness should be accessible to everyone, everywhere. I have a Private Gym/Studio situated in Little Easton, Great Dunmow, Essex. If its difficult for you to get to me, then I can visit you at home or workplace if its not too far from where I am based. I’ll help you set & start your new goals! No matter what age you are it’s never too soon or too late!
Improved body shape
Increased muscle power
Increased metabolic rate
Improved bone health
Lower risk of heart attack or stroke

Nordic Walking

Nordic walking was originally a training regime for cross-country skiers. It’s based on using specially designed walking poles in a way that harnesses the power of the upper body to propel you forward as you walk.

Walking with poles is an amazing activity for cross training, weight loss and exercise!

Nordic Walking helps to restore spinal rotation which can restore spine function and help general back health.

Client Feedback
Kind words from a few of my happy clients
“I absolutely love my PT sessions with Susanne! Not only are they varied sessions, I always leave feeling so motivated and look forward to every session! Susanne has also helped me achieve a lifetime goal from no running, to running the London Marathon!”
Fitness with Susanne - personal trainer Dunmow
Joanne H. Takely
“I didn’t believe that I could lose weight simply through walking, but with the expert guidance of Susanne giving me a good dietary advice and setting me a great easy to follow fitness plan, I was able to shed a few unwanted pounds and feel fitter and healthier in no time at all.”
Shelley J
Bishop’s Stortford

“I felt totally uneasy and intimidated, walking into a public gym to work out. With a few regular one to one PT sessions, Susanne has given me the confidence to go it alone and now I’m more than happy to step into my nearest gym near work, and finally workout on my own.”

Tracey S

Achieve ultimate fitness with Susanne

Transform your body, look amazing and feel alive.


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Fitness with Susanne - personal trainer Dunmow

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